Friday, September 9, 2011

Visiting Artist Harrell Fletcher, Tour & Lecture, 9/13 & 9/14

Happy fall semester!

Faculty Erina Duganne and Jason Reed, from the School of Art & Design, are hosting visiting artist Harrell Fletcher next week on Tuesday September 13th and Wednesday September 14th.

10 selected Art & Design students have arranged a tour of places on campus or within the San Marcos community as part of a social practice assignment given to them in advance by Fletcher. For each location on the tour, the students found someone who works there who will give a short talk about the site and the work that she/he does there.

The places on the tour, the person talking, and the times are listed on the image to the right. The image below the list is a map of the places on the tour Tuesday, 9/13.

The places on the tour are also listed here:
  1. The Wittllff Collections
    9:00AM - 7th FLoor Alkek Library
    with Alberto Mendiola
  2. Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos
    9:45AM - 211 Lee Street
    with Gloria Salazar
  3. San Marcos Bike Project/Wreck Center
    10:15AM - 155 South LBJ
    with Grady Roper
  4. The Calaboose
    The Johnnie Armstead African American History Museum

    11:15AM - 200 Martin Luther King
    with Albert Armstead
  5. Hill Country Humidor
    11:45AM - 122 N LBJ Dr.
    with Rob Robinson

Fletcher's lecture about his socially engaged collaborative art making projects in Professor Erina Duganne's History of Photography class, will take place on Wednesday, 9/14 in JCM 2121 from 11-12:20pm.

You can read Harrell Fletcher's bio on his website.

Please let others on campus or in the San Marcos community know about these events if you think they would be interested. Anyone is welcome to attend!

If you have any questions, you can contact Erina Duganne
If you are one of the students involved in this project, please comment here and let us know more about what you did!

Have a great weekend!