Friday, March 31, 2017

Photographs in Juried Exhibition in Los Angeles

Two of my photographs were selected for the

Texas Laundry by Tara Spies Smith

Sad Windows by Tara Spies Smith

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Discovery of a Mermicat or Purrmaid Image

Siamese Purrmaid by Cate Anevski
Siamese Purrmaid by Cate Anevski
There is a sticker on the parking garage gate that has a black and white illustration of a mythical creature that I had never imagined or seen a drawing of before. It is a mermaid cat. I liked the illustration so much that I wanted to find out who had created it. I thought it might be a local artist but I wasn't sure so I decided to research it on the friendly internet. I searched for mermaid cats and it did come up in the google image search, in color. I followed the "Visit Page" link which took me to someone's Pinterest board named "Cat Mermaids". The pinner calls the Mermaid Cat a "Mermicat", which I thought was a great name for the newly discovered to me, mermaid cat creature. The pin of the image came from a  blog titled, A Lovely Little Life, where the author had posted the mermaid cat image. Luckily, she had attributed the work to its original artist so I could go look for the artist's web site and social media sites.

I then proceeded to peruse the artist, Cate Anevski's sites to find her image of her work. I discovered that she calls it a Purrmaid and has it for sale in many different formats, prints, stickers, pins, textiles, greeting cards, and more. She has a great blog too with lots of creative ideas.

I am very glad that Cate Anevski's Purrmaid image was attributed to her so I could find her original image and pay tribute to it by promoting her work and by talking about it here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Wittliff Collections Acquires Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian

Edward S. Curtis: Treasures from The North American Indian exhibit at The Wittliff Collections is a breathtaking anthropological collection of photographs documenting Native American culture from about 1907 to 1930. Also, see the press release about this important acquisition.