Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Discovery of a Mermicat or Purrmaid Image

Siamese Purrmaid by Cate Anevski
Siamese Purrmaid by Cate Anevski
There is a sticker on the parking garage gate that has a black and white illustration of a mythical creature that I had never imagined or seen a drawing of before. It is a mermaid cat. I liked the illustration so much that I wanted to find out who had created it. I thought it might be a local artist but I wasn't sure so I decided to research it on the friendly internet. I searched for mermaid cats and it did come up in the google image search, in color. I followed the "Visit Page" link which took me to someone's Pinterest board named "Cat Mermaids". The pinner calls the Mermaid Cat a "Mermicat", which I thought was a great name for the newly discovered to me, mermaid cat creature. The pin of the image came from a  blog titled, A Lovely Little Life, where the author had posted the mermaid cat image. Luckily, she had attributed the work to its original artist so I could go look for the artist's web site and social media sites.

I then proceeded to peruse the artist, Cate Anevski's sites to find her image of her work. I discovered that she calls it a Purrmaid and has it for sale in many different formats, prints, stickers, pins, textiles, greeting cards, and more. She has a great blog too with lots of creative ideas.

I am very glad that Cate Anevski's Purrmaid image was attributed to her so I could find her original image and pay tribute to it by promoting her work and by talking about it here.