Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Search for Artists' Books, interesting formats or handmade, in the Library Catalog

From the library catalog http://catalog.library.txstate.edu/
change the Keyword drop down to
Click on image to see details
Subject and type in artists books and hit search, then click on the first link that says Artists Books and you should see about 90 results (The page that this link lives on can also be an interesting page to explore what types of artists books we have). These are located in the general collection (open stacks), secured collections, and special collections. These will also include books about artists books or bookmaking. You could also do a keyword rather than subject search but they may not all be actual artists’ books.

To limit to only those in secured, you can click on Limit/Sort Search at the top of the page and
choose Secured Collection in the Location selection box. You could also start a new catalog search change the Keyword drop down to Subject again then change the Search Entire Collection drop down to Special Collections and search with the keyword artists books again. This will show you all the artists books located in Special Collections.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Want to know what Art & Design titles were added for FY15?

Would you like to know what titles were purchased with Art & Design library funds for the fiscal year of 2015 or any year and who requested them, faculty or librarian?

You can do a simple Subject search in the library catalog to see the lists for any year. From the library catalog, you type in the last 2 digits of the year you want to see and then the library fund code, which for Art & Design is 31. So to see the titles requested by all faculty and me, the Art & Design Librarian, for the fiscal year of 2015, you would change the Keyword drop down menu to Subject and then type in 1531 and click Submit.