Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Link to new Art & Design titles list in the catalog

New titles for the department of Art & Design are added to the library catalog once a week. The new titles list link is available from the main catalog search page. The list keeps growing for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks the titles stop being posted on the NEW titles list and appear only in the regular catalog.

This new titles list contains new titles for Art, Communication Design, Theatre, Dance. The only way to tell which department ordered what title, since this list contains more than one department, is to look at the full record of a title and check the line that says "Local Subject". The first 2 numbers are the fiscal year the title was purchased and the next 2 numbers are the department it was for. If it says 31 then it was for Art & Design. If it says 30 it is for Communication Design MFA. Any other numbers are Theatre or Dance. The letter after the numbers on the "Local Subject" line is a F for ordered by faculty or L for ordered by librarian. Now you know some library secrets! I will repost the new titles link from time to time.

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